Postcards to Voters

80 Postcards written, 20 to go..

Last voting cycle did this venture with Warnock and Ossoff. These 2 democrats from red state Georgia were vying for senatorial seats and both won. Am hopeful the same result will occur with this year’s postcards. My listing is of 100 names from Texas. As a strong follower, advocate, and contributor to

Beto O’Rourke

I am aware of his platform so with each of the 80 post cards thus written I expound on these items.

Have noted a trend in the listing, with every male name there is 2 female names. While the increase in female voter enrollment was mention in the Hillary/Chelsea interview this past week, the listing verifies it.

As concerns regarding close campaign margins are voiced I am beginning to wonder how much of a reality this is.

Photo by Victor on

A little story..

While an administrator for the NYS Department of Corrections Hillary Clinton was running for senate. In traveling the State I interfaced with numerous females working for the prison system. While these women’s husbands were die hard, “I ain’t never voting for a woman,” these gals would pull me aside saying,

“I’m voting for her.”

Results: Hillary won with 60% of the vote.

As Biden said 10 days ago – Never underestimate the power of women. He knows, and glad others don’t.

Another postcard photo with my beautiful daughter in the background and some pics of favorite places.

Interested in joining this postcard campaign? Here’s the information..

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Goal: 200,000 postcards by November Midterms.

Join and get writing!

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