UltraViewer.Net – Beware

Wish yesterday’s warning was this quiet.

Yesterday I received an enormously loud notice from Microsoft (supposedly) stating not to touch my computer as someone was stealing my identity. I could not get the darn thing to stop, and was fearful this was true. Since the backdrop was Microsoft and appeared original I called the number as the notice instructed. I received an arrogant man who said I had compromised my security by attempting to locate a butternut squash soup recipe on the internet.

He continued his mansplaining tone. I knew no one from Microsoft would speak to me in this way, however, he had already taken over my computer. When the following web site appeared I knew he was a fraud.

Scam Web Site


Somehow this service got hooked into my internet and was trying to sell me software. I recall this happening about 5 years ago and got sucker into a fix which later I learned was unnecessary.

The rep became more arrogant when I became furious – I called him an sob, hung up the call then went to the Control Panel and uninstalled anything related to Ultraviewer.net. Later I turned on the computer under a different server with no problems. Unsure how these people got into my computer, however will know the fix for the future and ignore the bells and whistles. Now you will as well.


Make no calls as requested, unplug, shut down, or turn off the computer any possible way to get the noise and notifications to stop. Wait a bit, then go on under a different server.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Next will be a letter to Bill Gates.

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