tr court investigations

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Recently, sean hannity of fox news, was trying to support the orange prez by showing him as a victim rather than a law breaker, however, with this line up of investigations believe he was unable.

The list of investigations include:

  • Trump’s Russia scandal
  • Russian interference in U.S. elections to assist Trump
  • The controversy surrounding the Trump inaugural fund
  • Alleged Emoluments clause violations
  • Trump’s hidden tax returns
  • Improper gifts Trump allegedly received
  • Post-defeat election interference
  • Trump bringing classified materials to Mar-a-Lago
  • The Jan. 6 attack and efforts to overturn the 2020 election
  • Trump using military aid to extort Ukraine
  • Trump’s “hush money” controversies
  • Trump’s dubious pardons
  • Trump’s dubious fundraising operation
  • Trump’s alleged real estate fraud

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There are so many legal issues he’s running out of lawyers who will defend him. And since he’s notorious for not paying lawyers, the lawyer he acquired for the Mar-a-Lago investigation asked for $3 million up front before taking the case. The money the lawyer received was from tr’s “dubious fundraising operation,” so could this be a potential lawsuit for the lawyer taking that money??

The plot thickens.

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