The Biden Interview

Campaign Picture – but love it!

Did you see the 60 Minutes interview of President Joe Biden last night? If not catch it on Paramount Plus, or any u-tube feed. In it the President was honest, forthcoming, and blunt. Was good to see one word answers often repeated. World leaders watching know where they stand with this man, and they should as they’ve worked with him for almost 50 years.

A Recap…

He’s let China know that we will stand with Taiwan if they strike.

He’s not getting involved in the orange prez scandals.

Our economy is doing well, and he outlined all his administrations legislative accomplishments.

The concerns for his approval ratings are forgiven as look what Americans have been through with the Pandemic – over 1 million lost.

His age – “Watch me…”

Photo by Luis Quintero on

We’re in good hands.

While I have always had my faith in Joe, it was reinforced in this interview.

Check it out, and you will too!

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