On August 22, 2022 I wrote a blog – Immigrants We Need Them.

Thanks, Massachusetts

It was eye opening to see a governor take immigrants from another state using his state’s tax $$ for this transport. Why? It’s obviously illegal, however, it was wonderful to see how the people of Martha’s Vineyard rallied to assist these migrants. The State of Massachusetts is to be commended, and hat’s off to them. It’s what America is about.

What the people of Martha’s Vineyard did for these immigrants will remain forever in their hearts. And when they return to the Vineyard in 20 years to buy a vacation home, run for congress, or buy the island, they will be welcomed. Laugh – I think not.

Immigrants will work hard, and always find a way. I recently read an article concerning an immigrant “dumped” or is it duped into the Washington D.C. area. He had no one to help, found a shelter, and within the week of arrival was working and is now making $600 a week. He’s saving for a car, and has plans to leave the shelter.

There’s always a way.

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