Stealing Golf Balls

I wrote in April when a golf ball broke the back window of my car. I live on a golf course, one that is in awful shape, but still a golf course.

What awful greens!

I sucked up the $351 tab for the window and cleaned up the mess. Since the golf balls continue to land decided to sell these creatures for $1 a pop.

Had my neighbor make a sign and placed it near the greens. Today I watched a golfer take 2 from the bucket and not pay for them.

Since he had left the scene of the crime by the time I could question this action I screamed my disgust from afar in stern words..

He returned to the scene of the crime and threw the golf balls he took at me.

The golf balls and sign now have been moved next to my garden for security.

Once again – golf is not a sport of honor.

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