New Recruits

Photo by Pixabay on

Well, they look russian enough, and who knows where putin will have to go to get these folks?.

Even the mercenaries want out.


Have you heard that putin is calling up 300,000 new recruits to the russian army?. Since then russian google searches on how to break an arm, act insane, and get out of going to war, have increased exponentially.

he is calling up all men between 18 and 60, and has closed all flights out of russia to these men. Prior to this edict flights were sold out, with some going for 16 grand, a bit cheaper than Martha’s Vineyard at 10,5. Maybe they should have contacted ron desantis? I digress…

But the caveat – there will be training of 2 weeks prior to going to the front lines.

And according to my #1 news source, The Stephen Colbert Show, here’s what that will look like at week 3.

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