New York Got ’em

I always said New York would get ’em…

Have never been prouder than to say I am from New York State. When my closeted Floridian tr hater neighbors and acquaintances lamented no one will ever get tr, I would state, “New York will get ’em.” They would give me an unbelieving look and state, “I hope so.”

Well. my prophecy came to pass with a 200 plus page indictment by Attorney General Letitia James. It is the final justification for this man and his family to have this done by a woman, and a black woman.

Black women are the smartest, and strongest women on the face of this Earth, and get things done!!!

Not only will the tr family be fined $250 million for overvaluing properties, milking insurance companies and the government on taxes, they will be unable to run businesses in the State of New York for 5 years.

The case has been forwarded to the Feds, as well as the IRS.

“Start spreading the news.”

Thanks, Letitia.

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