Volunteering for Dems

Tonight made 40 calls to democrats to ensure they knew mail in ballots are being mailed to their home on September 29th. Also requested they mail them in the next day. The final ask was who they would be voting for on the Florida ticket. Was surprised how cordial folks were with many relaying intimate stories. My final call was particularly poignant.

Val Demings – one to watch

We discussed the platform of Val Demings. The caller relayed she was pregnant and had a 16 year old daughter. Since her daughter’s birth she has endured 5 miscarriages. Now older, and high risk she has weekly ultrasounds. If the fetus dies in utero at this gestational age she will have to travel north for the procedure.

What a horrific journey that would be.

As our conversation continued she relayed how her mother said this would not effect her, however, it does. If gynecologists and obstetricians are not available, and a gynecological operation is required who will be there for this woman?

Hate to end on such a sour note but these are the realities we as women must consider as we select the candidates we vote for.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

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