matt gaetz

Who is this guy, and how did he get off the hook for sex trafficking a 17 year old across state lines?

he’s a 40 year old lawyer who has served in the House since 2017 from the 1st District of Florida which is the state’s western panhandle. he is a republican, Baptist, and attends the Fort Walton Beach Baptist Church. he attended Florida State University and William and Mary Law School. In 2021, he married Ginger Luckey, and maybe luckey got him off the hook as no charges are expected in his crime.

Ginger’s family has beaucoup bucks and contributes much to republican campaigns.

However, it sounds like baby gaetz, his family nick name, also had something else going for him. he, too, is from an extremely wealthy real estate family.

It’s how epstein got off. Remember that guy?

In November he’s up for re-election with victory assured and gift wrapped.

Oh, politics..

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