Ian Approaching

Photo by salah amrani on Pexels.com

Wish we were talking about a handsome hunk, but sorry its a storm.

Florida is under a State of Emergency due to Hurricane Ian. Have made lodging arrangements for Central Georgia at a Super 8 for 3 days, however, unsure if this will be the best place to shelter with storm shifts.

Central Georgia Vacation?

Predictions state the storm will hit Florida by Tuesday. Stores are empty, the rocket launch has been postponed, and Ian’s strength is increasing. Florida has had daily rains this summer with Saturday idyllic – perhaps the pun, “A calm before the storm,” is appropriate.

Spaghetti Model

Here are some of the various models used to predict storms:

  • European Model- thought to be the most advanced modeling with the best reputation, however, not always the most reliable.
  • Spaghetti Model – shows all potential storm paths
  • Statistical Model – uses statistical equations to predict storm paths
  • Consensus Model – uses an averaging of all predictions
  • Dynamic Modeling – is complex and analyzes global atmospheric data, not for tropical storms
  • Limited Area Dynamic Models- mathematical formulations are used for predictions in focused areas, and used for tropical storms.

And for the most reliable, up to date resource, internet sources state follow the National Hurricane Center updates.


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