Hurricane Ian Crazies Are Out!

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Am beginning to think the Hurricane is going to be the least of my worries with this weather challenge. Went to the post office Monday, and was engaged by a tr person while in line who espoused the big lie. Held my tongue when I yearned to speak the truth and do nasty things to her. Then went to Dollar Tree where there were 25 people in line with 2 cashiers working. How those gals do that job for $10.50 an hour and smile I will never know.

It is actually the $1.25 store, but still a bargain.

In line was a schizophrenic man, foul smelling, and homeless talking loudly to his imaginary friend. This made me feel very sad and uncomfortable considering how he was probably returning to his tent in the woods on his bike with his 5 bags of chips in tow to weather the hurricane, however, he was happy. Interesting. Lesson for us all.

In the next line was a scrappy senior who I am sure left her red maga cap at home. She spouted to the overworked cashier how no one works anymore and steals money from the government. Having 50 items to check out we all learned of her concerns and philosophies. When she asked the cashier how she felt about her thoughts gratefully the cashier agreed. WHEW!

Today I will be obtaining sand bags. Think I will bring my headphones.

Photo by Garrett Morrow on

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