New repub commercials

After writing the last blog somehow a commercial for our current Florida governor appeared on screen. As if I wasn’t irritated enough! It was showing him as a military man, with white people saying how wonderful he is/was. Guess they had to change the ads since his Martha’s Vineyard debacle. Next, they will show him at a church service. Gosh, better not give them ideas..

Oh, how they love their churches in the South. Too bad about the brainwashing that goes on in them.

People speak about him in quiet tones but one thing I’ve overheard most is how can his wife stay with him considering his governance? Apparently, prior to marriage she was a much loved and respected television personality.

The comment now is – “Why does she stay?”

Photo by Goran Vrakela on

Being the wife of a politician must be a terrible plight – living a lie.

So glad I’m alone.

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