Ian Prep

Have lived in Florida for the last 7 years but managed to escape the storms being on the road travel nursing. With Ian approaching had to refresh my hurricane skills. While plentiful supplies of food, water, batteries and candles line my cupboards needed to consider other things with the prediction of a voracious storm.

First was to fill the gas tank. Already some gas stations were dry or only having supreme blends available, but luckily I found a station with regular.

I did recall from my previous evacuations to top the tank to the brim. Never know where the next available station will be.

Onward to a new experience – the sandbag station.. Here young, fit hunky fireman and somewhat fit policeman assisted in filling white woven plastic bags with ties. What an ordeal and how heavy these critters are! Thankfully, a fireman helped fill the bags and delivered them to the car. While he feverishly declined my tip I stuffed 10 bucks in his pocket and ran. What a wonderful assist – but remember to bring your own shovel!

Once home placed the sand bags outside the patio door. Latest prediction is 20 inches of rain. Just glad to live at the highest elevation in St. Augustine.

And the new normal – garden ornaments in the patio and patio furniture in the living room..

A few last items to attend to..

Charge all phone chargers, stop at the library for books to read, find a place for a mattress in a windowless room. And for those sliding glass doors am told to mount a mattress against should it bow.

Finally, as with any storm be it a blizzard or hurricane one always needs,

luck, and if in a pickle,


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