All Clear!

After much rain from Wednesday to Thursday, investigated the grounds around the condo.

As they say in the South, “Was blessed.” The dead tree outside my bedroom window fell, and in its fall fell away from the condo buildings. Is there a, “Double blessed,?”

A lake formed between the two trees which provide sanctuary for my Diana statute, however, the lake is quickly vanishing.

Some other property shots..

Electrical outages were minimal – one 10 minutes, and another for 5 minutes so was able to catch Stephen Colbert without interruption. He had on Anderson Cooper who is always a hoot, and has been a guest 14 times! Read a great new biography on Anna Wintour, a new Stuart Woods book, and a 2016 audio book by David Baldacci. Sublime. Actually the hurricane reminded me of the hunkering down during snow storms of the North.

Sounds weird, huh?

How I miss the North..

Today, which is Friday, returned all my garden ornaments to their appropriate spot in the garden, and opened the window coverings. Sunshine is pouring in as of this writing and reports state roads are clear.

During clean up of palm fronds and branches found a few golf balls to add to my cache.

More for the golfers to steal..

It’s a rain and wind free day in Northeast Florida.

All is quiet on the Northeast front.

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