Halloween 2022

Halloween began over 2000 years ago with the Celts. Thanks to the Irish for this holiday! It was known as the Festival of Samhain which honored and worshipped their ancestors. It is now observed in countless countries with parties and costumes. Some Christians celebrate through church services and light candles on the graves of the dead. Others celebrate by eating vegetarian foods.

Halloween is also known as:

All Hallowe’en
All Hallows’ Eve
All Saints’ Eve


And…whatever you do to celebrate – Have Fun! Stay Safe! and Enjoy!




Haunted House – St. Augustine County Jail

For the last several years there has been a haunted house at the former St. Augustine County Jail. Built in 1953, this jail replaced the former jail in downtown St. Augustine which is on the city trolley tour.

Always fascinated by jails and prisons, (as in a former life I was a NYS Prison administrator), couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit this facility. Even though it was decked in Halloween attire remnants of bathrooms, cells, and the like were still visible.

The facility incarcerated hundreds of demonstrators during the 1960 Civil Rights Movement, and while no longer in use for its stated purpose it has become a pivotal player on the St. John’s County Freedom Trail.

The jail is next to the elections office where I was doing poll work. So.. after my enjoyable 12 hour day assisting close to 900 citizens to vote decided to stop by. Have you voted? Let’s hope so! Democracy is in the balance.

The area outside the haunted house had many costumed characters, jumping booths for children, decorated sheriff cars, and food venues.

The haunted house allowed no photos with 6 to 7 customers entering every 2 minutes for a 10 minute romp guided by sheriff staff. It was a very creative and scary with ghosts and goblins hiding around every corner, and occupying each cell.

Once the visit ended there were even costumed characters outside to chase patrons on their way.

Fun for all!


Wanted to know what good cause the $20 fee was going to so inquired. The gal said most of the money would sponsor the sheriff’s police dogs. They need bullet proof vests, and special training. I mentioned how Bedford Hills Correctional Facility has a program where the female inmates train these dogs. Said thiswould be a good idea for a program for Florida inmates. She was aware of the program, and I went on my way not wanting to offend. Because as the bumper sticker states –

“We don’t care how you do in the North.”

Later as I walked away I began to sadly think how important it is for sheriff officers to have a police dog and why would they have to have a fund raiser for this rather than a designated budget item? Then I thought of how governor desantis spent $12 million on shipping Texas immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, and another $5.7 million on voter police in Florida, for few voter irregularities.

Wouldn’t the money be better spent on dogs to protect the sheriff’s?


Isn’t the republican party the law and order party or so they say?

Something to think about.

proud boys ain’t that proud.

In November 2020 my daughter, her beau, and I visited Washington D.C. for an early holiday visit. To our disappointment we stayed in the same hotel as the proud boys. In fact they were on the same floor as my daughter and her beau. Watching television with them proved problematic as these individuals were screaming, and running up and down the pungent marijuana filled hallways. One wonders where the money came from to get these individuals to DC, pay for a hotel, marijuana?.

Needless to say it was not a pleasant stay.

When my daughter spoke with them she lied stating she was pregnant and needed quiet. They eventually returned to the hotel’s outside bar. While they continued their antics outside the noise rafted up to our hotel floor. The next day we were told there was a stabbing outside the hotel and were grateful to be leaving that day.

Started to think about this group after reading how Penn State students invited the founder of the proud boys to a comedy show. Things became violent and all was cancelled,,,.

Where was the administration of this college when plans for this were underway???

Internet facts about these boys from Google:

1. The Group Considers Themselves a Multi-Racial  ‘Fraternal Brotherhood’ Who ‘Disavows Nazis’ & Racists

2. The Proud Boys Say There Are 10 Ways to ‘Save America’ Including Giving Everyone a Gun, Abolishing Prisons & Legalizing Drugs

3. Proud Boys Are Only Allowed to Masturbate Alone Once a Month & They Revere the Housewife While Maligning the Feminist

4. 2 Members of The Proud Boys Are Serving Prison Time for Attacking Anti-Fascists Protestors

5. A Proud Boy Meets the Highest Status Degree if They ‘Engage in a Major Conflict for the Cause’ & Their Anthem Is an Omitted Song Written for Disney’s Aladdin

There are 119 proud boys in 46 states.

Scary – isn’t it?

Polling – First Day

Woke at 5 am for 7 am arrival at the Polling site. The overall atmosphere on site was tense. After signing in, and receiving badges we took an Oath then signed a sheet attesting to this Oath. Once the Oath was completed we continued our huddle with assignments received, and the hourly rotation of duties explained. Several hot points were discussed – previously incarcerated voting. lunches, bathrooms, and where to stash purses. We were 100% women…

The room had been arranged the day prior with voting partitions, chairs, and the like so our next step was machine operations. Elaborate instructions were given during training, and all staff followed these procedures to perfection ensuring optimum machine accuracy. The machines activated quickly and once on line it was time to begin our task.

While no discussion of politics was to occur we had many voters who made inappropriate jokes regarding the election. All were men, and guess this was in an effort to lighten the experience, or be pleasant?. Sadly, these situations occurred when a supervisor was present, and since I had already been reprimanded in front of my fellow poll staff about being too pleasant, “this event not a social call,” this gave me further demerits. Was grateful on Day 2 of my poll work had amazing supervisory staff and no jokes or comments by citizens. WHEW!!!!!!!!!!!

The day moved quickly as the entourage passed through. The Supervisor of Elections made a visit, and thanked us all for working which was a nice touch by a well respected individual. Fellow poll workers were pleasant, and knowledgeable. At the end of the day my task was to count mail in ballots from a secured drop box. I counted with a republican to ensure both parties were represented. Then we secured all machinery, and placed paper ballots from the tallying machines into secured boxes. It was 6:30 p.m. and the day had concluded with approximately 800 voters.


My civic duty is completed with 9 more days to go.

Jim Jordan

When I consider despicable republicans this individual is the first name which comes to mind. How he was ever elected is beyond me and he’s served 8 terms.

While he was a wrestling coach at Ohio State University from 1987-1995 it was reported there were serial sexual assaults on college players, however allegations denied. Those in the know stated he lied when queried about these concerns. He states no one reported this to him. However, the players report there was excessive touching during weigh-ins, and voyeurism in the locker rooms. he contends these reports were choreographed

Though he threw his hat in the ring for House Speaker in 2018 this position did not come to fruition. WHEW! A save..

If the republicans get the House he is poised to be the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

Scary- isn’t there anyone else?

Part-time jobs

I thought there were many openings?

As I have written I am looking for something to do which makes a little cash. Am unable to leave the area until my health improves but want something to do besides write blogs, and taunt my 10 readers. Also would like a little cash since I am putting off social security, (should it not be destroyed by the republicans), till 70, I am now 66. And quite frankly I am bored, have few acquaintances, and work is all I’ve known, and wanted for socialization. I know TMI..(too much information).

Have attempted applications on line and get nowhere. For some reason these “applications” lead to a myriad of ads with no job prospects and Linked In I find impossible to use.. How anyone gets a job through them I’ll never know. They need to provide a tutorial to use their site.

Web site on-line applications for Aldi’s, and Dollar General were problematic. While I know I did the application correctly Aldi’s never called, and Dollar General offered me a job 15 miles away from my home though I know I asked specifically for the store .6 miles from me. In my last visit to this store new staff has been hired and the notice to apply for store positions remain on their door. I don’t get it, and all I do to endorse these folks.

The hospitals which have contacted me are 90 minutes away, and to tell the truth I am sick of nursing after 50 years. While nurses are made out to be Saints working with these folks is another thing, and enough said.

My next contact will be AARP. They have a help center and helped with a car insurance premium 50% less than my current one, so maybe they are up to this challenge?.

Another thought is becoming a hairdresser and who knows maybe the Biden tuition relief program would pay for that? Something to consider, as well as dog grooming – at least dogs wouldn’t complain only bite you, and to tell the truth I’d rather be bitten than deal with someone who didn’t like their hair.

What a love!

So while I wait for my dream job – pod caster endorsing the Left – I will continue my search.

Question: Have you got hooked on Rachel Maddow’s Podcast – Ultra. What a fascinating story..

Poll Working

Today I begin my new job. I will be a poll worker in a red county as a blue voter. Yes, I will keep my mouth shut, and as I was once told – “Two ears, one mouth use them accordingly.”

Have to watch those eyes also..

When I had the gall bladder surgery I informed the office I would be unable to work, however, they continued to check on me. Nice touch. Heard from others that though it was a 12 hour day much time is spent sitting so I retained my schedule, and have actually added days. Pay is nominal, but have been unable to work since February so every little bit helps. Then when I checked the schedule noted many empty slots.

There is a great need for workers.

Studies prove mail in ballots are as safe as in person voting. ?Cheaper? Let me know.

I see this as my civic duty, and while it may prove more dangerous than my psych nurse days when I got my head and other bodily parts knocked in, it is my duty as a citizen.

Am sure there will be many untold stories from this event.

Stay posted.

The secrets behind the curtain.

Turn The Channel

There are two mindless things I enjoy doing to relax – write Amazon reviews, and respond to the news cycle comments. Of late have found the news cycle responses concerning. While my comments usually receive a thumbs up as of late when I review responses have found hate and anger sentiments. Hey folks this is only an opinion.. This may be caused by the mid-terms? Ukraine War? Post-Pandemic Concerns? Climate Weather Changes and Disasters? Who knows, as the list is endless………………………………….

Should I decide to respond I usually quip, “Turn the channel,” as one can tell the comments are from rageful Fox followers. Sadly, they have this vibe, and quite frankly they offer no solutions, but that’s what republicans do. As Biden said recently, and I paraphrase, they only want to win to destroy the Democrats agenda. How true. How sad. We need climate change legislation, women’s health care, new infrastructure, protection for social security..

But as I said in earlier blogs, it’s a football game, and I don’t play..

Wait- think that’s soccer.? Enlighten me.. HA! HA!

While have thought these posts anonymous recently received a hate-filled response from someone in my past. I know this as the content was telling. Am concerned but will continue as this is what these bullies do all their lives.

Don’t let the FOX people win.

They make be big, but choose intellect over stupidity.
Let’s win this football game.

Inflation – Teaching Moment

But does it? Only spurs creativity. Keep reading…


I was raised by those who grew up in the Depression. While they seldom spoke of this time they did mention Salvation Army Christmas mitten gifts, and how the government always provided peanut butter. Guess that’s why I was raised on the latter. I am an addict.

A day without peanut butter is a day without sunshine…

Of course now it’s sugar free and I make my own from the Dollar Tree peanuts…

One thing I did learn in observation of these folks was how to be frugal. These lessons got me through the single parent years when I had to somehow cover child care, rent, food, and the myriad of other expenses which loomed.

When will they ever fix child care? We know the repubs won’t, while every other industrialized country in the world has.

Today I no longer scour coupons. I use the 2 major on line companies with free shipping, and 2 credit cards with points. I monitor purchases and pay off the credit cards monthly. With every statement I now scour the amount of points, “free money,” given with purchase. Besides this “free money,” on line skips the trip to the store, buying unnecessary items, and saves time and gas.

Best way to save money – STAY OUT OF THE STORES, too much temptation.

Another tip: Delivery – no hassles, no time, no gas used. Bundle purchases for free delivery. Put a post it on the frig of things you need, then buy at once.

While my fav card is Amazon Chase I recently added Capitol One Walmart to my repertoire of cards. While I initially wanted this card as a back up, (as I find dealing with them challenging – sorry Kevin Hart), of late have found this card add to my savings. The Walmart card gives 5% back on on line purchases for a year – special offer – and 1-2% on all other purchases. What I like on this card is the statement lists under each purchase if it was a 1, 2, or 5% give back.. This month I had $37. taken off my statement with these savings- and this doesn’t include gas and time savings. Bears repeating..

A Wonderful Benefit

Recently, I began comparison shopping between the 2 on line companies. In comparing probiotics I found Walmart cheaper. By purchasing a smaller quantity item and doubling the amount a $10 savings was acquired. .

The next need was an expensive Listerine gum therapy product. Walmart was $34.98, whereas Amazon was $16.99, so I ordered 2 for the price of one. What a deal!

This has become a game and FUN!!

Well, it’s not football, but fun for me.

Have to know how to play the game.


For a Laugh

This weekend the Ayala Dog Rescue in St. Augustine, Florida, had their 3rd annual dog Halloween costume ball. It is a fund raiser with music, dogs, and of course, lively spirits. Take a gander at some of the participants..

Disco Dog
Hot Dog Dog

Mexican Dog
Captain Dog
Butler Dog
Dog From Outer Space
Corgi Dinosaur Dog
And tis the season - Halloween Dog
What a fun night for a great cause!