Sports Figures Aren’t Gods

When I read of the actions of brett favre, an apparent football hero, and how he defrauded the poor in the poorest state in the US, I become ill. And the motivation – to have a better volleyball complex for his daughter to play in? Well, I guess that’s worth risking your reputation, and jail time?

Ole Miss -out $5 million

Why didn’t he just use his own money and donate the complex?

Sports in this country and world have too much power and wield that power to a mesmerized public,


Besides the stadium brett was reimbursed for motivational speeches not given.

Guess that was what his motivation was.

Now, besides criminal charges he’s loosing his additional paychecks from brands, and commentary jobs. He should have just donated the stadium, got his name on the arena, and taken the tax donation.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

He really should have consulted his tax guy.

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