Nancy in Trouble

Photo by Pixabay on

Nancy Pelosi missed the deadline on getting legislation to reign in lawmakers on their stock purchasing. This is a concern as “they” have access to non-public info. She promised us on September 14th, and now congress is taking a breath till November.

November 14th – isn’t that after mid-terms?

Oh, Nancy, that doesn’t look good, especially since your husband is a hedge fund guy. However, since he’s doing a little community service for tipping the sauce and driving perhaps he doesn’t have time to play the stock market??

Before coming across this “dirt” was reading an article which I didn’t quite understand, but now do. It stated to invest in: PelosiETF or CruzETF. Thinking this was an actual fund I checked it out, it isn’t.

Nice to know this is bipartisan.

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