Oath Keepers Trial

“My only regret is we should have brought guns..”

This is what the Oath Keepers believe, and continue to believe.

In this trial there is no remorse for actions, and as this trial unfolds more terrifying concerns are revealed. But beyond this,

who is funding these groups?

To provide transport to the insurrection, buying guns, hotel rooms, and incidental expenses for the participants all costs money. In this trial let’s hope these sources are revealed and outed. The folks funding the insurrection have deep pockets, and while why is concerning this needs to be ignored, and those folks prosecuted.

My next thought…

Where did the insurrectionists send their travel vouchers – the orange prez or rnc?

Were the expenses itemized or was there a per diem $5,000/day for participation in the insurrection?

Perhaps the federal government could send these folks a voucher for $43 million to repair the Capitol?

Photo by Trev Adams on Pexels.com

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