Stacey Abrams Interview

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The Stacey Air Waves – purple is the future of Georgia

Have been monitoring Stacey Abrams. While President Jimmie Carter’s front lawn, and all the homes of Plains, GA., had her signs was wondering why she is having such an uphill climb?

What I have come up with is:

  • She’s Black -the elephant in the room
  • She’s a Woman – perhaps the even bigger elephant
  • She’s Supersmart – the largest elephant

While ugly comments about her demeanor, and how she spends too much time at the all you can eat buffets litter the internet she is to be feared, and someone Georgia needs to bring them into the 21st century. With their backward stance on so many issues they are in jeopardy of loosing many of their industries – mainly the entertainment industry.

There is also concern about health care which if Kemp wins this availability will decrease even further. In her MSNBC interview she outlined some stats:

  • 82 counties in Georgia are without OB services
  • 64 counties in Georgia are without surgeons
  • One in five citizens in Georgia do not have access to health care.

There is marked inequality with voting in Georgia. Currently, Abrams is working on the Georgian Rural Black Belt which were the historically red votes. Her group is going door to door to change voters minds and bring her agenda to them.

She brought it in for Biden- Georgia performed, and with less money than other groups spent.

You don’t need millions to change minds.

Can and will she do it again- I am hedging my bet on her – she’s got grit.

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