Welcome, Saturday

Been a cool week in Florida with snow in other parts of the country. Wherever you are reading from stay safe, and vote. Early voting has started throughout the country. Get it done and now. Georgia has already had over 500,000 ballots cast.

Get out Georgia! Pennsylvania! Nevada! Kentucky! Arkansas! Arizona! California! Illinois! Colorado! Florida! Hawaii! Indiana! Iowa! Kansas!

Get out everyone and VOTE!

Am grateful we’ve had a couple of free news days without our past prez hogging the airwaves, but have missed Stephen Colbert who was in re-runs. Hope he’s enjoyed his break. How I miss him with his insights..

He maintains sanity with laugher in our crazed world.

Thanks, Stephen. You are a great American.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Will be checking out the new Julia Roberts/George Clooney rom-com, “Ticket to Paradise,” at 1:20 today, in the hopes their chemistry will lighten the spirit with much laughter. Looks like 55% on Rotten Tomatoes but worth a try for an 8 bucks senior rate.

Poster: $24.99 on Etsy, free shipping.

When I was in Italy traveled Lake Como and saw Clooney’s villa from our boat. He was the last villa built in Lake Como, and there is no further new construction allowed. Most villas are owned by russian oligarchs. It was quite a villa, even had a beach. Good for you George!

A kid from Kentucky who did well.

Will be silencing the cell phone, studying Babble French for my May 2023 adventure, reading, and exploring a book on how to increase vocabulary.

Parlez-vous francais?

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