Inflation – Teaching Moment

But does it? Only spurs creativity. Keep reading…


I was raised by those who grew up in the Depression. While they seldom spoke of this time they did mention Salvation Army Christmas mitten gifts, and how the government always provided peanut butter. Guess that’s why I was raised on the latter. I am an addict.

A day without peanut butter is a day without sunshine…

Of course now it’s sugar free and I make my own from the Dollar Tree peanuts…

One thing I did learn in observation of these folks was how to be frugal. These lessons got me through the single parent years when I had to somehow cover child care, rent, food, and the myriad of other expenses which loomed.

When will they ever fix child care? We know the repubs won’t, while every other industrialized country in the world has.

Today I no longer scour coupons. I use the 2 major on line companies with free shipping, and 2 credit cards with points. I monitor purchases and pay off the credit cards monthly. With every statement I now scour the amount of points, “free money,” given with purchase. Besides this “free money,” on line skips the trip to the store, buying unnecessary items, and saves time and gas.

Best way to save money – STAY OUT OF THE STORES, too much temptation.

Another tip: Delivery – no hassles, no time, no gas used. Bundle purchases for free delivery. Put a post it on the frig of things you need, then buy at once.

While my fav card is Amazon Chase I recently added Capitol One Walmart to my repertoire of cards. While I initially wanted this card as a back up, (as I find dealing with them challenging – sorry Kevin Hart), of late have found this card add to my savings. The Walmart card gives 5% back on on line purchases for a year – special offer – and 1-2% on all other purchases. What I like on this card is the statement lists under each purchase if it was a 1, 2, or 5% give back.. This month I had $37. taken off my statement with these savings- and this doesn’t include gas and time savings. Bears repeating..

A Wonderful Benefit

Recently, I began comparison shopping between the 2 on line companies. In comparing probiotics I found Walmart cheaper. By purchasing a smaller quantity item and doubling the amount a $10 savings was acquired. .

The next need was an expensive Listerine gum therapy product. Walmart was $34.98, whereas Amazon was $16.99, so I ordered 2 for the price of one. What a deal!

This has become a game and FUN!!

Well, it’s not football, but fun for me.

Have to know how to play the game.


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