Turn The Channel

There are two mindless things I enjoy doing to relax – write Amazon reviews, and respond to the news cycle comments. Of late have found the news cycle responses concerning. While my comments usually receive a thumbs up as of late when I review responses have found hate and anger sentiments. Hey folks this is only an opinion.. This may be caused by the mid-terms? Ukraine War? Post-Pandemic Concerns? Climate Weather Changes and Disasters? Who knows, as the list is endless………………………………….

Should I decide to respond I usually quip, “Turn the channel,” as one can tell the comments are from rageful Fox followers. Sadly, they have this vibe, and quite frankly they offer no solutions, but that’s what republicans do. As Biden said recently, and I paraphrase, they only want to win to destroy the Democrats agenda. How true. How sad. We need climate change legislation, women’s health care, new infrastructure, protection for social security..

But as I said in earlier blogs, it’s a football game, and I don’t play..

Wait- think that’s soccer.? Enlighten me.. HA! HA!

While have thought these posts anonymous recently received a hate-filled response from someone in my past. I know this as the content was telling. Am concerned but will continue as this is what these bullies do all their lives.

Don’t let the FOX people win.

They make be big, but choose intellect over stupidity.
Let’s win this football game.

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