Part-time jobs

I thought there were many openings?

As I have written I am looking for something to do which makes a little cash. Am unable to leave the area until my health improves but want something to do besides write blogs, and taunt my 10 readers. Also would like a little cash since I am putting off social security, (should it not be destroyed by the republicans), till 70, I am now 66. And quite frankly I am bored, have few acquaintances, and work is all I’ve known, and wanted for socialization. I know TMI..(too much information).

Have attempted applications on line and get nowhere. For some reason these “applications” lead to a myriad of ads with no job prospects and Linked In I find impossible to use.. How anyone gets a job through them I’ll never know. They need to provide a tutorial to use their site.

Web site on-line applications for Aldi’s, and Dollar General were problematic. While I know I did the application correctly Aldi’s never called, and Dollar General offered me a job 15 miles away from my home though I know I asked specifically for the store .6 miles from me. In my last visit to this store new staff has been hired and the notice to apply for store positions remain on their door. I don’t get it, and all I do to endorse these folks.

The hospitals which have contacted me are 90 minutes away, and to tell the truth I am sick of nursing after 50 years. While nurses are made out to be Saints working with these folks is another thing, and enough said.

My next contact will be AARP. They have a help center and helped with a car insurance premium 50% less than my current one, so maybe they are up to this challenge?.

Another thought is becoming a hairdresser and who knows maybe the Biden tuition relief program would pay for that? Something to consider, as well as dog grooming – at least dogs wouldn’t complain only bite you, and to tell the truth I’d rather be bitten than deal with someone who didn’t like their hair.

What a love!

So while I wait for my dream job – pod caster endorsing the Left – I will continue my search.

Question: Have you got hooked on Rachel Maddow’s Podcast – Ultra. What a fascinating story..

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