proud boys ain’t that proud.

In November 2020 my daughter, her beau, and I visited Washington D.C. for an early holiday visit. To our disappointment we stayed in the same hotel as the proud boys. In fact they were on the same floor as my daughter and her beau. Watching television with them proved problematic as these individuals were screaming, and running up and down the pungent marijuana filled hallways. One wonders where the money came from to get these individuals to DC, pay for a hotel, marijuana?.

Needless to say it was not a pleasant stay.

When my daughter spoke with them she lied stating she was pregnant and needed quiet. They eventually returned to the hotel’s outside bar. While they continued their antics outside the noise rafted up to our hotel floor. The next day we were told there was a stabbing outside the hotel and were grateful to be leaving that day.

Started to think about this group after reading how Penn State students invited the founder of the proud boys to a comedy show. Things became violent and all was cancelled,,,.

Where was the administration of this college when plans for this were underway???

Internet facts about these boys from Google:

1. The Group Considers Themselves a Multi-Racial  ‘Fraternal Brotherhood’ Who ‘Disavows Nazis’ & Racists

2. The Proud Boys Say There Are 10 Ways to ‘Save America’ Including Giving Everyone a Gun, Abolishing Prisons & Legalizing Drugs

3. Proud Boys Are Only Allowed to Masturbate Alone Once a Month & They Revere the Housewife While Maligning the Feminist

4. 2 Members of The Proud Boys Are Serving Prison Time for Attacking Anti-Fascists Protestors

5. A Proud Boy Meets the Highest Status Degree if They ‘Engage in a Major Conflict for the Cause’ & Their Anthem Is an Omitted Song Written for Disney’s Aladdin

There are 119 proud boys in 46 states.

Scary – isn’t it?

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