Americans Forgot..

With the Biden approval rating at 42% think Americans have forgot what this President’s administration has accomplished:

  • DACA – finalized a rule to protect 600,000 “Dreamers,” from legal challenges
  • The American Rescue Plan – long term changes which will effect our economy and environment
  • COVID – enormous changes to protect citizens, greater than 300 million “shots” under Biden
  • COVID Hate Crime Legislation
  • Juneteenth National Independence Act
  • Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act
  • Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act
  • First female black Supreme Court Judge
  • Chips Bill Legislation
  • Veterans Burn Pit Exposure Recognition Act
  • Rejoined Paris Climate Change Agreement
  • Ended Afghanistan War
  • College Loan Debt Relief Program
  • Gas Prices Down
  • 10 Million Jobs – greatest job creation by any President’s administration…

These decisions will make our lives better.

republicans complain, but have no plan, only to destroy Social Security, impeach Biden, and destroy all that has been done.

Aren’t you tired of complaints, divisiveness, and hate? It’s time to come together and move forward.

Remember this, and

for those with children – bring them in when you vote. Teach them the importance of voting and citizenship.

I guarantee they’ll always remember receiving their sticker.

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