Iranian Women: Enough!

The 40 day mourning period for Masha Amini, the 22 year old beaten to death by police for not wearing a hijab appropriately, has ended. However, the women of Iran persist in their actions, and are bringing the men along in this fight. As one commentator stated, “the women of Iran are the heartbeat,” and have galvanized their anti-regime movement. To date 300 have died along with 29 children in the last 5 weeks.

Support from the rest of the world has been welcomed by this group, even including the U.S.sanctions against Iranian officials. Women believe, this revolution will occur without war or military intervention. And since Iran’s only ally, russia, is already involved in a loosing war it is doubtful any assist would be offered from putin or elsewhere.

There is a 98% literacy rate among Iranian women, and in many cases women are better educated than their male counterparts. They have and continue to hold positions of power within the government, and firmly believe now is the time for revolution.

And all this occurred because of a scarf.

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