Mid-Terms: 6 Days Away

Do you feel like this kid? Is the hand a help or hinderance?

When Joe Biden said Democracy is on the ballot he got it right. Wish I could come up with something funny like Stephen Colbert, and his writers, but while I lack his talent am eternally grateful for his wit. He keeps it in perspective.

Every night his monologue empties the angst. Thanks, Stephen.

We are in serious trouble if more clowns get in power. The Maddow Ultra Podcast describes a similar incident which happened in the 1940’s when our legislators were infiltrated by Nazi spies sending citizens propaganda using our tax money to do it. Good people came forward, the system worked and we survived, so have faith we will again.

While I believe we will survive living through the process will continue to be a nightmare. When Clinton was in office I recall him contacting the news outlets as people were becoming terrified over the reporting of tsunamis. Maybe we should do the same with the political tsunamis, however, I think we need to be aware of every legislator’s actions.

We need to know what these people in power are doing, and keep them accountable.

Please don’t destroy Social Security. I thought I already paid for it???


Something else.. make campaign season only 3 months, and do this process a different way. Have town halls with the candidates stating what they plan to do, or have done. Cap the spending on campaigns, repub have spent $770 million as of several weeks ago – oh, what this money could be better spent on.

Have these folks out with their peeps – face us. Isn’t that how the orange prez got his power – take a lesson if anything from this. And while I am a devout Democrat I have even gotten, (in error), emails from the florida senators. While this reinforced they are against everything I stand for I read it.

We need to be informed on what these players are up to.


We need a winning season where we all come together.

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