The Final Stretch..

🏇Working12 hours as a poll worker I observed citizens hug their red and blue cheat sheets while assisting in ballot processing. These sheets are from their parties and tell them which candidates and amendments to vote for. Thoughts of horse racing are triggered in my observations, however, the stakes are higher than any daily double.🏇

This has been a fascinating experience and I encourage any election denier to work the polls. Perhaps this should be a sentence for those making these accusations. Viewing the scrutiny of the process with its many checks and balances gives credence to the process.

In America we are fortunate that the process does hum.

There have been few inappropriate t-shirts, baseball hats, and questionable jokes, however, some will always be suspicious despite factual answers. Maintaining a “Switzerland,” face discourages engagement. At the sites we have had as many as 900 voters daily. This is in a county of 265,000.

The most popular question, and this occurred only 5 times in 8 days working –

“What company made this voting machine?”


It was wonderful to see Americans come together cooperatively.

We need more of this.

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