The Crystal Ball tells all…

Writing this blog prematurely as poll working on the 8th from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. with 2300 voters expected at the site.

This election season has been a wild ride, however, this phenomenon is not new. Since Biden proclaimed democracy is at risk I have noted a greater concern from Americans I meet and greet in random conversations throughout the day.

It’s amazing what people reveal over a selection of a can of soup at the grocery store.

If they only paid as much attention to candidate selection…

While the polls have their place they are “off,” as many respondents lie, or simply don’t answer the phone to pollsters.

Where they get these numbers is a mystery to me.

And while predictions can be accurate, ultimately this is in the voter’s hands, and we will not know till the last ballot is counted.

However, I firmly believe in the long run democracy will prevail, even if it is a tight squeeze..

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