Political Donations: Wins and Loses

While not a betting woman have enjoyed monitoring this race. At times have been concerned, but overall this last election has regained my trust in the American people, and their desire to maintain democracy, or else they want to maintain

social security.

That said here is this retiree’s scorecard. Wanted to see the results of my $3, $5, and sometimes larger campaign donations. Am impressed with the outcomes, and since I always want the bad news first will report losers then build the crescendo to the winners. Blog is being written 11/9 at 9:35 a.m.

Florida – Charlie Crist – governor race, loss by 20%, Love you Charlie, think you should be one of sexiest guys alive but while brilliant think you need to move North where you will be better appreciated. I’d even buy you a down jacket. Thanks for trying.

Val Demings – another Florida leader who actually comes to work and votes in favor of Floridians. How Floridians kicked her in the ass with this loss is beyond me. She also has much to offer and let’s hope Biden finds her a cabinet or ambassador position. Loss about 20%.

Al Lawson – another 20% loss in Florida – was he a redistricting casualty?

Virginia – Elaine Luria – she knew it was over but appreciated her work in the Jan 6th Committee. Thanks for your service. Maybe Joe can do something for her as well. She’s nearby in VA., and we need youthful leaders with fresh ideas, of which she has both.

Texas – Beto – I love you. Think you need to get a real job or move out of Texas. They’ll never appreciate you there. You certainly have the right skills.

Kentucky – Booker – even had your bumper sticker on my car – a scary thought in red florida, but someone promptly pulled it off. Better days are ahead for you, young man. I foresee them coming.

Georgia – Marcel Flowers – to come up against a blonde bad ass idiot with big boobs and a gun in Georgia? Your attempts were valiant. Thanks…

Jen Jordan – thought for sure you’d win with the blonde hair, but guess you were too smart for a woman in Georgia. Maybe you needed a gun and to show some breasts, but know you are a lady and would never go that low. We need you as a commentator for Georgia politics – CBS look into this.

Minnesota – Jeff Ettinger – wrote many postcards in an attempts to get you elected. There is a future for you. Continue your good works and philanthropy. It will pay off if you try again in politics. And if you do I have a future son in law who could help.

New York – Letitia James – Attorney General 54% on 11/9 at 1:39 a.m. You go girl! Just shows how much New Yorker’s hate the orange prez, and the rest of the country is catching on. Keep digging for more dirt…

Colorado – Adam Frisch – not called yet but will list him in this category. 11/9 51.3% with 78% of the votes counted. Great job. Loved your emails. Thanks, Colorado. So sick of Lauren Boebert, it’s tiresome. Holding a gun and preaching the Bible – really?

Illinois – Sean Carstens – love those Irishmen

California – Adam Schiff – was there ever a doubt he’d be re-elected?

North Carolina- Willie Nikels – Great job, man! Know you’ll make us proud.

Michigan – Elissa Slotkin – Congratulations!

Pennsylvania – John Fetterman – when Nora O’Donnell called it at 1:30 a.m. I cried tears of joy. You deserve it John, and will do an amazing job for the folks of Pennsylvania. So grateful… Make us proud and know you will.


Georgia – looks like another election in December – more post cards to write for Warnock

Arizona – could it be anyone other than Hobbs? If it is all will be sorry, however the former fox commentator will take the VP slot if orangie runs. she is power hungry and dangerous. Glad she’s not a blonde or has big boobs..

Kelly – still in the running.

Wisconsin – Mandela Barnes still possible. Please…

Nevada – Mastro – time will tell.. Latinos are insane if they didn’t vote for her.

Overall, it was a good night for America. Democracy has prevailed.

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