Returning To Work?

Recently received a text from a new health care facility in the area. Responded yes, and we began texting. Texting is the new process, no one ever calls direct. While I am unsure if this is what I want to do I need something to do besides write a blog to maintain my sanity. Stuart Woods can’t write a book weekly to keep me in reading, and I’ve already gone through 5 or 6 new authors. With a wedding looming for 120 guests need at least 30 grand. Thought this was going to be a small event, and prayed for an elopement, however, there are 2 parties involved. The groom’s side has a list of 60 and my daughter got on the bandwagon inviting 60 friends. It’s good we have no family. But as I lament it’s a once in a lifetime event. And Greg’s a keeper, my God he’s even tolerated this old bag he’ll inherit as a mother in law.

But how did I digress??? Oh, yes, going back to work to pay for the wedding.. After completing the on-line process for the job I am now interviewing for the position on Monday. Found some professional attire and while I probably should bone up on interview questions I lack the desire. However, will check out what Auntie Google has to offer. Maybe she has some ideas about how to answer that awful question about strengths and weaknesses. Could I say none – wouldn’t that be a hoot.

What I really need to do is say little and can the New York accent. In one of my interviews, and there have been many in Florida, I was told they don’t hire Northerners. While I should have been insulted actually I was relieved as I had been on 7 interviews by then. I wondered why I didn’t charm them with my experience, poise, and myriad of skills, and now I knew. I don’t fit with the southern ways. In travel nursing they were more blunt but it was a short term gig and I knew that it would be over in 13 weeks so I counted the days. While nurses make themselves out to be angels, they are not. With the profession becoming more balanced – males and females it’s helping, but it will be beyond my lifetime.

So the interview is Monday, I’ve jumped through the hoops, and time will tell. The last interview I went on was 2 months ago and am still waiting for a response. The county job I applied for took 6 weeks for response, but state and county jobs always check political status before hire. As a democrat in a red state I knew that one was a no, but chalked it up to a practice run. See I even got a blog out of it.

Will keep you posted.

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