Ramblings on abuse

When reading of the Twitter purchase I cringed. If you ever read of Elon Musk’s early roots one would understand how he is the man he is today. Raised by a harsh, (to say the least), father who is still alive, and a mother who called him boy genius, he had much baggage. What he will come up with or loose in this purchase we have yet to see, however, we have had a foreshadowing of his tactics with other endeavors. Perhaps someone can talk some sense into the man, and show kindness in their guidance.

As the wealthiest man on the planet he is in a position to create or destroy. Concerning.

In any position choose love, however, this requires practice. I know and am not perfect.

When living in the south back country the staff I worked with had a saying he beats you up on Saturday, and we all go to church on Sunday. They laughed, however, I knew this to be true. Domestic violence is rampant effecting those beaten, and those observing the beating, children.

For me this was another nail in the coffin of organized religion as these women often went to their preachers receiving no assist. While I believe in God, those who preach the word of God have their own agenda to maintain coffers. And while not all bad many are concerning. I often wonder why religious institutions are not taxed by government since their messages are political.

Free speech and thought is certainly not on their agenda.

Who is interpreting the Word of God to you?

It took me 65 years to understand this. Observing the volume of southern christian schools I realize it will take decades or centuries if we will ever change this process of indoctrination. It’s the same methods as used with communism starting with young minds.

Recently I caught a fox news panel of women speaking about children’s discipline. They all were in agreement to hit the kid, slap them good when punishing. Does this really help or terrorize the child, and we all know the latter is the answer. Perhaps this is why these women spread lies, hate, evil, and deceit in their broadcast as they were raised by a harsh man as Elon was?

Have said much in this blog. They are simply thoughts. Thoughts pass. However, do they, or do they foment creating people like putin?

We’ve had a rough patch with a past president continuing to stir the fans of hate, a pandemic, a horrific war across the pond.. Perhaps it’s time to be kinder and this starts with ourselves.

Something to think about.

I know I do.

Stop and smell the roses.

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