This weekend read the reasons why the red wave didn’t occur. Pundits stated their opinions about the orange prez causing this. Whatever you think believe Adam Frisch of Colorado running against lauren boebert, the gun toting, maga Bible candidate, cornered the market on the reason for this. While this race remains at 50/50 as of Sunday, November 13th, Frisch has a 73 vote advantage. Having followed this race and contributed to Adam am hopeful the folks of Colorado will place him in office. Glad those $5 contributions helped.

In the Frisch interview he states Americans are tired of the Angertainment Industry, and want kitchen table issues resolved in our legislative body. Things like climate change, inflation, health care, education for our kids, are several issues he wants to work on.

That’s Adam in the middle.

Citizens are tired of the angertainment. and with many House races not yet called let’s hope the Dems hold on to the House. reps have vowed to open more congressional investigation into Hunter Biden. As of 5/22, Hunter Biden already paid one million in back taxes, and the IRS is looking into further charges . Do we really need to continue down this path to find nothing as we did in the Clinton Whitewater scandal which cost taxpayers $6.2 million giving jobs to ken starr and brett cavanaugh with no charges found.

The IRS will get you every time. Best to overpay.

I rest my case.

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