Are You Pickled?

Tonight at 9 pm CBS with have a special pickleball tournament with celebrities like Emma Watson and Tige Notaro playing. And while Stephen Colbert is a pickleballer, if that is a word, he will be announcing during this event and singing the national anthem with Kenny Rogers, in lieu of playing. Profits for this event are for Comic Relief, an organization that has provided millions for children and families.

So how did this sport begin? Did you get a Christmas 2021 pickleball set from your wife, Evie, as Stephen did? It certainly has caught on – even Gayle King plays, an ardent exercise avoider, so it must be fun.

Pickleball is a sport of American origin, beginning in 1965 on Bainbridge Island off the coast of Washington. Three dads created this summer sport to entice bored kids on a vacation. Rules and hand made items were created for the sport and it now has evolved into a major sport. They even have a national organization!

So, tune in tonight at 9 pm on CBS. It’s guaranteed to make you laugh. And who knows you may pick up a new sport.

I know Rocco has.

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