Nancy Pelosi

Wrote this blog in 2020 and bears repeating. Thank you for all your amazing work!

Nancy Pelosi is an American politician currently serving as the Speaker of the House of Representatives. She is from the State of California and is currently in her 17th term working in the House having been named speaker in 2019. She is 80 years young.

Nancy is the mother of 5 children and has been married to her husband Paul since 1963. She is a strict Catholic and attended Notre Dame High School and Trinity University in Washington D.C.

Politics came early in her blood with her father being Mayor of Baltimore, Maryland and later serving in the US House of Representatives for the district. She attended her first political convention at 7 years of age. She married, had children, and returned to the political arena after her children were grown.

In her current position as Speaker of the House she keeps the House in order and assigns committee memberships and chairmanships. It is a 2 year term voted by roll call. She holds a very powerful position.

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