Welcome, Jack Smith..

Looks like every dad’s nightmare on his daughter’s first date.

All kid and aside, Jack is one competent dude, and I have decided to befriend him as he will need all the friends he can get. While his name is officially John L. Smith, friends call him Jack.

Perhaps we can start a tv show to support this guy?

Found little of his personal background in my internet search except he is a Harvard law school grad with vast experience, and credentials. He has prosecuted everything from NYC gang members to a sitting US senator, and even did a stint at the Hague working on war crimes. Am grateful he is anonymous personally after the Pelosi attack, and hope he and his family, if he has any, is well secured.

It is stated he can stay under the radar as well as be aggressive. His public service will certainly be tested in this position. He’d probably have better success catching an alligator in the Florida Everglades than getting the orange prez.

Let’s hope Jack succeeds, and this folly, (and man), can be put to rest.

Americans are tired of the craziness.

The listing of the cases Jack is charged to handle is voluminous and does not bear repeating. We all know. Sounds like A.G. Garland picked a good one, and Jack if you need a friend, I’m here. Would invite you down but best you stay out of Florida.

Don’t want the gators to get you!

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