Gina Raimondo – Secretary of Commerce

Another powerhouse here.. This gal is one to watch and would love to see her as President. On a recent trip caught her being interviewed on plane tv with a high dollar tech guy. She held her own and out shined him, however also honored his abilities and business acumen. This is a task few have, and something crucial in a woman who is working in a man’s world. That said let me convince you as well of her talents in this blog…

Gina’s grandfather immigrated to the US at 14, he learned English at the library, had a family, and lived the American dream. His granddaughter became the valedictorian of her high school, and went on to be the first in his family with a college education. She graduated as the top student in economics from Harvard, and later became a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. After that she earned her doctorate from Yale.

She worked in venture capital then was drawn to the public sector becoming the treasurer for the State of Rhode Island where she fixed the underfunded pension system. Next step.. Governor where she worked tirelessly on work force development, job training programs, and other initiatives.

At Commerce she has the following Mission:

  • Spur good paying jobs
  • Empower enterpeneurs to grow
  • Help American workers compete in business

She was one of the primary architects of the Chip and Science Act of 2022. Noting Taiwan makes 90% of the chips used in the world this bill was created and passed to ensure America’s viability and security in the world. Chip manufacture in America will increase exponentially with the passage of this legislation.

And under the American Rescue Plan, (ARP), her agency is working on careers for future young Americans in good paying jobs in construction, manufacture and other industries. She is replicating nationally what was created in Rhode Island.

Raimondo speaking at the kick-off of this initiative.

One to watch.

Go Gina!

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