Deb Haaland – Secretary of the Interior

Another first here – this woman is the first Native American to serve as a cabinet member. As a 35th generation New Mexican she hails from the Laguna Pueblo Tribe where she was a tribal leader. Raised in a military family her father was a decorated war veteran, and mom a Navy veteran. She attended over 13 different schools as a military child.

She is a success story striving as a single parent living pay check to pay check then becoming a business owner of Pueblo Salsa. In the meantime, as Stephen Colbert would say, she graduated from the University of New Mexico undergrad, and then on to their law school. She is still paying for her student loans as was President Obama well into his second term..

In reviewing her credentials and background as an advocate for environmental justice and climate change, she is a perfect fit for her position as the Secretary of the Interior. In her position manages the use of public lands, protects the exploitation of natural resources, and maintains national parks and monuments.

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