Xavier Becerra Health and Human Services Secretary

This 64 year old Stanford graduate, (undergrad and JD), is the son of immigrants. As a member of congress he served for 24 years, and was the first Latino California Attorney General from 2017-2021. During that time this mover and shaker sued the orange prez’s administration over 120 times, and was instrumental in DACA and Affordable Care Act security. He secured billions from companies decreasing prescription drug costs, and implemented climate change initiatives.

Health and Human Services is tasked with protecting the health of all Americans providing essential services. Through its 11 agencies it promotes research in over 100 programs. The CDC, (Center for Disease Control), FDA, (Federal Drug Administration), and ACF, (Agency for Children and Families), fall under this cabinet post.

Recent news state Becerra is focusing on drug price negotiations for Medicare, something he has already handled as Attorney General in California. Another initiative is mental health care, and he is focusing on integrating this care into overall health care.

Sounds like the right man has been placed in this position.

Look forward to his results.

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