Dennis McDonough Secretary of Veterans Affairs

This 53 year old Minnesota born Secretary of Veterans Affairs was educated at Georgetown University, The College of St. Benedict, and St. John’s University. He has held numerous positions as Obama White House Chief of Staff from 2013-2017, and prior to that working for senators as their legislative director and in policy development. He has worked extensively on Latin American issues, and speaks fluent Spanish.

It was in 2007 when he was called to serve as Obama’s chief political advisor as his predecessor was summoned into military service. Much of his work is behind the scenes in a multitude of varied positions. He was in the room during the Bin Laden raid. In 2017 he retired but continued to serve in non-profits to change the oudated labor market to a more digital economy.

Upon returning to Washington at President Bident’s request, he accepted the Secretary position and was approved by the Senate with a 87-7 vote, with 6 senators not present.

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