Dr. Janet Yellen Secretary of the Treasury

This voice of clarity has been with the American people for decades. Originally from Brooklyn, her father a doctor, and mother a homemaker, she was educated at Brown and Yale University. Upon completion of her formal studies she taught at Harvard, the London School of Economics, and has been on the faculty of University of California at Berkeley since 1980, as professor emeritus. Tapped by President Bill Clinton in 1997, her rise in various economic posts and decisions have touched all Americans.

At 76, she continues to be a light writing papers with her husband, George Akerof, who shares the same field, and is a professor at Georgetown University and University of California at Berkeley. Akerof was co-recipient of the 2001 Nobel Prize for his work in  asymmetric information in causing market perversity.

Yellen’s career has been focused on unemployment, labor markets, and international market concerns. She most recently developed a minimum corporate tax policy, however, since this needed 60 votes in the Senate did not pass. However, other countries are exploring and developing this concept.

Other controversial items she has made comment on:

  • Roe v. Wade overturn will have an adverse effect on women and the labor market.
  • She is more concerned with unemployment than inflation.
  • Favors control of retirement spending.
  • Supports a policy on carbon taxation to ensure Biden’s Net Zero agenda.

When the 45th president came into office she was “let go,” however, during this 2017-2020 time period she made $7 million in speaking fees from financial companies.

Thanks for coming back when Joe asked, Janet.

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