Merrick B. Garland Attorney General

This Attorney General is a Harvard summa cum laude graduate, and magna cum laude law school graduate. At 70, he is charged with 115,000 personnel throughout the US, and in 50 countries. Born in Chicago, and of Jewish descent, his father ran a small advertising company from their home.

Upon graduation Garland had several public service positions including a 1 year stint with Justice William Brennan at the Supreme Court. He was in private practice twice during his breaks from public service as a litigator. After he joined the US Attorney Office in Washington D.C., President Clinton tapped him for further assistance. His fame and notoriety came in his handling of the Oklahoma City Bombing case. He has been considered twice for the Supreme Court.

His latest concerns revolve around the 45th president’s issues and Garland has hired a special prosecutor for these situations.

Also heavy on his agenda are:

  • Voting Rights
  • The January 6th Attack
  • Protests and Threats against school personnel.
  • Civil Rights and police misconduct.

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