Kamala Harris Vice President

Our 58 year old first female Vice President is the product of a Jamaican and Indian union. Her mom was a cancer researcher until her death, and her father is still alive, a professor emeritus retired from Stanford University as an economist. Both were strong civil rights activists and met through a function where they were protesting. Kamala has one sister, who is also a lawyer, and a niece. She married Doug Emhoff in 2014, he too a lawyer, and he became the First Gentleman. He has 2 children from a former marriage and they form a cohesive blended family.

Kamala attended Howard University undergrad, and obtained her J.D. from University of California at Hastings. Prior to the Vice Presidency she was the Attorney General for the State of California where she was involved in a myriad of cases, many in the criminal justice sector. Later as junior senator from California she worked on energy policy and criminal justice reform as well as attempted immigration reform.

As of this writing 11/21/22, she is currently in the Philippines with her husband meeting on pertinent issues and visiting US military bases. This trip is being conducted in an effort to forge solidarity with the Philippines due to Chinese aggression.

Someone is always watching.

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