Carnival Cruise Freedom 2022

Received a great deal on this cruise, (as I have the last 2 years), in the form of an August birthday card.  For $400. this card claimed a 5-day solo cruise to the Bahamas from Port Canaveral. While too good to be true, it was, and who could go wrong for that?

Was a bit concerned about the cruise as the day before departure heard of an overboard passenger luckily found in the Mississippi delta.  If you’ve ever traveled Carnival one is aware of the unruly passengers. 

As a bargain cruise line many crazies, first time cruisers, young folks, and pre-bridal parties, have their festivities on this line.  While the December 2021 cruise was quiet, (probably due to vaccination mandates), am keeping fingers crossed for this 2022 cruise.

This year Carnival has implemented a $500 fine for the unrulies, with an email was sent to all passengers.  However, with a $300 alcohol package affording the possibility of 15 drinks per day, (unsure if I got this totally right as info relayed from a passenger partaking in the plan), think the unrulies may continue.  Yet to be seen.  Maybe they’ll just pass out and not be unruly??

Onward to the Outing…

Trip to Port Canaveral was clear sailing, pardon the pun, with Florida roads clean, and parking lot availability.  Hats off to Parkway Parking, $10 a day, including tax.  Great job by friendly staff…

The cruise was off to a great start.

Once in the terminal registration was easy and quick. Need the passport and boarding pass available for this café like process.  Processing was completed in a half hour inclusive of TSA search.

Great change Carnival has implemented, hope other cruise lines catch on.

Once on the ship..

While cabin rooms were unavailable till 1:30, the 90 minute wait went quickly.  Great food was available on the top deck at the buffet.  This is also a good time to explore the ship locating formal dining rooms, bars, hot tubs, and other sites.  And since there is no longer a paper trail, download and familiarize yourself with the cruise AP to learn of ship activities and adventures.

Places to find on the ship…

For the kids – cruises are the ideal places for families as they have many programs for children as well as teens. One couple relayed to me they had their 7 month old babysat by cruise personnel while they slipped away for a romantic evening. Nice.

And as they say – let the fun begin!

*Receive no financial renumeration for these endorsements, but perhaps I should look into this??

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