Miscellaneous Cruise Stuff: APs, and Settling in

While not a fan of APs am learning to love them as they are an on board necessity.  One asset is staff are helpful and able to assist with navigating this creature.  As an oldie I still love paper and some cruises still reluctantly give paper itineraries if requested.  Downloading the AP is easy, and runs on Airplane mode so no WIFI is required.  Cruise WIFI is available on the ship but expensive, and unpredictable as relayed to me by those who’ve purchased it.


APs afford information on the following items:

  • excursion information
  • spa information
  • chat queues
  • all dining reservations are made through the AP
  • ship maps – while ship maps are helpful am hopeful a GPS is included in future upgrades.  This would assist save passengers and steps.

Settling in..

After settling in to the cabin room and finding various points of interest began the festivities. 

Room was spacious and received a window perk! What a surprise.

Decided to eat dinner early and went to the dining room.  Was seated next to a couple who ignored me, and being an elbow away from these folks it made for an uncomfortable dining experience.  Left and went to the buffet on the ship upper level. 

While being a solo is not always easy most cruisers are friendly.

Post dinner checked the AP and found free liquor tasting.  Attended and while not a fan of watermelon liqeur, was something to do.  From here explored the hot tubs meeting friendly folks who brought their families of 12 on the cruise.  Many families enjoy bringing their tribes with them.  Was a fun soak.

On to the comedy and Carnival has 2 shows a nite. Passengers of all persuasions can enjoy these comedians as they come from all cultures and walks of life.  There were two shows with one comedian from Mexico and the following comedian from NYC. All enjoyed this humor. The early comedy shows are PG 13 later shows are adult and a bit raunchy.

There are also single cruiser meet ups however had no success with connections but always worth a shot. On to the movies at pool side which featured 2 movies – Elvis and The Batman. These were a treat for all ages and many teenagers attended this event. All were practicing good behavior and appeared to be having fun.

My day concluded – time to return to the room… and a little surprise.

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