Princess Cays

Took a tender from the ship to this beautiful beach front property known as Princess Cays. What a stellar place, and am told it is owned by Carnival. Quite a difference from my June 2022 tender trip in Iceland where rough waves and 30 degree temperatures were the norm.


On the island, known as Eleuthera, there are shops owned by locals who sell varied trinkets with much of the gifts hand crafted and unique. 

This doll is one doll two sides. Another unique addition to my doll collection from round the world. 

Other Shops etc..

At the end of the shops was a bar with various rum drinks as well as reasonable Cuban cigars.  Tried mango rum.  Yum…

Road less traveled..

An isolated beach can be found on the road after the shops. Recommend this spot for those wanting a more peaceful visit ..

There are also excursions available on the island.  Some folks explored the stringray area, others selected motorized water vehicles, but I selected the snorkel excursion.  The $70 cost included a boat ride to the reef, all necessary snorkel equipment, and an hour exploring.  Unforgettable.  The sea holds such colorful creatures of beauty and the coral sculptures no words can describe.  Wish I had an underwater camera to maintain those memories and share this experience with you.  

And of course,,, a barbeque buffet

While on the island a barbeque buffet was served with hot dogs, hamburgers, jerk chicken, an assorted of salads, drinks (non-alcoholic), and cookies.  Delicious and eaten beach front on picnic tables added to this experince.

The end to a perfect day.

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