Final Day: Open Cruising

Another fabulous weather day on the Freedom.  As the final day of cruising it was a wind down day with many events:

  • music at the pool
  • a towel folding demonstration
  • Bingo
  • A multitude of cruise shop sales
  • Gambling
  • Bean Bag tosses
  • Mini Golf
  • Trivia Games
  • Debarkation Presentation – this is probably the most important information given on the cruise.  Here you learn how to obtain any liquor purchased, get your bags off the ship, documentation needed to depart, etc.. etc..  This was especially important for me as it reminded me of the need to update my charge card information due to the recent scamming. No charges are placed on a closed card and all passengers need to be cleared before debarkation can occur. Didn’t want to hear my name called over the PA system with 3200 passengers on board.

“Old lady forgot to pay her bill!”


And from here have an afternoon Orlando flight to LaGuardia.  Will need to ensure ship departure is prompt to catch the flight.  Packed two suitcases – one summer and one winter for this trip. Will be going from a bathing suit to snow boots.


Tell me I’m crazy but looking forward to the snow.


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