Ohio State Murders

Let me make a prediction – another Tony for Audra in 2023 with this performance. For 90 minutes Audra mesmerizes, and does not leave the stage in this story of intrigue, evil, and sorrow. Written by Adrienne Kennedy, the play provides a blend of laughter and horror by this crafty 91 year old playwright. Let us hope the Tony’s don’t forget her as well.

The play tells the story of a young black woman at Ohio State who becomes involved with a white professor. There is a pregnancy and the professor does not claim the children. The woman, (Audra), who has the children is ostracized and this is all I will reveal. It is a compelling performance stirring much emotion yet done tastefully and creatively. Audra at her best!

It is appropriate that this play is held at the James Earl Jones Theater. The Theater is newly renovated and comfortable.

My seat was in the 5th row, (behind Duke Ellington’s son I over heard someone say), and was prime for cast pictures at the end of performance when New Yorker’s jumped to their feet with a standing ovation.

Note to Audra: Start looking for that dress for the 2023 Tony Awards.

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