Hudson Yards

This area of New York City is relatively new. It began after the development of the High Line which will be discussed later in this blog. It is a retail and business area adjacent to the Hudson River.

Let’s start at the subway stop and progress through the area.

Once off the subway much to see…

Bella Abzug Park – this gal was an American lawyer, feminist, politician, and leader of the Women’s Movement in the 1970’s.

The Buildings of Hudson Yard

Retail Area

Many trendy shops found here. Word to the wise…stop at the mall bathrooms prior to your High Line stroll.

The Vessel

This 16 story architectural feat was built to be a free area to walk and view the area. Currently, it is closed as folks were jumping off the structure. There are plans to somehow enclose the structure, however as stated this is in the “planning” stage.

The Shed – theater at Hudson Yards

How appropriate that a play concerning this man, Robert Moses, who essentially built the New York City landscape, is currently being performed at Hudson Yards. Ticket cost – in the neighborhood of $4000. However, while Moses was a genius and created the City streets, bridges, and parks, he was a known racist.

Railroad corner piece to the Bloomberg Building at Hudson Yard which is near to my High Line entry. There are several entrances to the High Line, a Manhattan Urban Park donated to the City by designer Diane von Furstenberg and family, ($20 million). While gifted to the City of New York it is privately funded and supported by Friends of the High Line.

The High Line was originally built in 1934, as an infrastructure project lifting train traffic 30 feet in the air. Remnants of train memorabilia are found among the walkways and plants.

High Line Entrances and Rules

Access Points

The Rules




Neat idea for a home bee keeping experience. Will have to try!


Apartment Views – almost feel like a voyeur, however, this apartment appears to be under construction..

Little Island-the treasure at the High Line end…

And the Whitney Museum falls at the end of this trek. Sadly, it was closed, (Tuesday), so will return Wednesday.

Am told an amazing Edward Hopper exhibit is in house… Can’t wait.

What a fun morning and more to come! Stay tuned..

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